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How to Make Your Own Website
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We are the first generation of kids that have grown up entirely in the internet age. This means, we have been saturated with computers, the internet and electronics since we were babies. This gives us a huge advantage over previous generations because there is so many things that can be done on the internet

Making a website nowadays is fairly easy once you get used to how websites work. A great and very informative website is called Lisa Explains it All: She has easy to understand tutorials on building websites and understanding how they work.

The great thing is that with programs like or, we can build professional looking websites in minutes. Checkout the website I built for my Science Fair project earlier this year. It took me less than an hour to get the whole thing up and working. And it didn’t cost me a penny!

Just follow my tutorial below and you to can have a website about whatever you want.

1) Pick a topic for your site.

When picking a topic for your website, try and pick something you like and are passionate about. This will make it easier and more interesting for you to work on it and share your thoughts. Some example topics are Fashion, Gaming, Music, Swimming, Gardening and Crafting.

2) Go to

3) Create an account

4) Name your Website

Here you can name your website whatever you want. Remember to name it something that has to do with what your website is going to be about.

5) Select a design for your website by picking a theme

There are over 31,513,577 different themes to pick from, but remember to keep your blog’s look and feel consistent with your main Idea. Themes define the color scheme, the type of fonts used to display your text, and the layout of your website. Layout can be important, depending on the type of website.

6) Start publishing pages to your website

Now you have your big idea and a nice design to go along with it. The only thing you need now is to start publishing to share with the world your thoughts.

Once you get the hang of adding pages and tweaking with the website, its time to start making money.

When our parents and their parents his their teens, they had to go work at places like McDonalds, Burger King. But Instead of having to go work flipping burgers, we can build a website about things we are interested in and then spend as much time as I could to promote and enhance it.

Today, minimum wage is like $7.25 per hour in the US. If a teen worked 20 hours a week, they’d make $145/week before taxes or $580 per month. When they get sick of smelling like leftover hamburgers and quit the job, their salary goes to $0.

By setting up a website and learning how to make money from it, you are not only making sure you never have to work for any one else, but you are also continuously learning new things.

One of the easiest ways to monetize a website is to put Google Adsense ads on it. Google’s search engine spiders read the content of the page and display ads that are related; for example, a page about music will have ads for guitars and drums, where a page about landscaping will have ads for lawn mowers and tillers. Google manages all of this so you don’t have to worry about it.

When somebody clicks on the ad, you’re paid from 50-68% of the amount the advertiser is paying Google for that click. This is done on an auction system, so each click is worth a little different depending on how much the advertiser bid. Some clicks are worth 2 cents, and others are worth 3 dollars. You’ll find that different subjects tend to be worth more than others so it’s best to experiment with different subjects and then create entire sites around the best ones.

Let’s assume the site is earning a CPM of $4,, and our goal is $580 per month. To earn this, the pages of the site would need to be viewed approximately 145,000 times per month. Most visitors of a site will view 2-3 pages, so you’d need approximately 50,000-70,000 visitors per month.

A well written article with a few dozen quality links pointing to it can expect 500 or more readers per month. Therefore, if you write 100 articles and spend the time promoting it, it’s realistic to get the traffic you’re looking for. This won’t happen overnight, but you’re building a long term asset, not earning an hourly wage. The wonderful thing about this is that if you decide to take a month off and do nothing, your pages and links don’t disappear. You’re very likely going to still make the same amount the next month. Spend more time promoting it and that number will increase. Eventually, you could make a full time salary or more automatically from your

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