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Media Revolution
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New media we use more. New media includes internet, blogging, advertisements, cd , dvd, cellphone ,etc. 67% of people say there on the internet for about 5 hours online. I believe people spend so much time on the internet because it contains everything in one medium .Like podcast, radio, books, chat and newspaper. New media is exactly that.

New media can be good and bad. New media is one of the most dangerous. It has caused many self-image problems .Most kids at age 10 is when they begin to have problems online such as looking at “perfect” bodys .Most 4th grade kids are on diets to opposed to a healthy food plan. Its unbelievable new media has done this .Its so sad.

Media can be good, bad, old, new, and it can create ideas and cause violence. New media is phones, internet, videos, videogames, texting, social networks, and the like. Old media or traditional is newspapers, TV, and radio. Media also can cause self-image problems in kids and causes them to be insecure

Media is every wear you look, literally! From the radio you listen to in the morning on the way to school to the TV you watch at night when you’re going to bed, media is always influencing us. Media is available and more accessible today than ever in history.

Media is split up into two types. There’s new media and traditional media. New media is internet, blogs, videogames, smartphones and cellphones, social networks like Facebook or Twitter and even DVD’s and CD’s. The emergence of New Media spells trouble for traditional or old media. Old Media is TV, Radio and Print. And since the rise of the internet in the 1990’s, old media use has continued to go down, and Newspapers going out of business.  Another aspect of media is how it is used. For instance, companies are always looking for ways to sell their products and they see media as a way to reach the people who will buy their products. The money that is made by selling these ads, is what makes a lot of the media free. They have used the media to promote what people should wear, eat, do and even value. The media informs us what is occurring around the world and how to react to the events shown.  As long as people need to communicate, media will always be around. Although it is always changing, certain aspects will probably never change.

Media can be used for both good and bad. For example, media can be used to raise awareness about a cause, and help bring about solutions. But media can also be used to manipulate people into doing things. Tomorrow’s media is impossible to predict. It has changed from VHS to DVD, from tapes to CD , from radio to tv, from cellphones to smartphones. We used to read books now we find articles online.

In conclusion, media influence has a large effect on people mostly children and teenagers

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